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wowpack.dll Get files from zip, add files, get listing. eCo Software toolkit

wowpack.h, 20071003

// Get a file from zipfile
// newfile contains full path to the extracted file (temp directory)
APIRET APIENTRY WowPackLoadFromZip(PCHAR zipfile, PCHAR wowfile, PCHAR newfile); 
// Get a file from zipfile to buffer
// Allocate buffer before call, use WowPackQuerySize to query size of file
APIRET APIENTRY WowPackLoadFromZipToBuf(PCHAR zipfile, PCHAR searchfile, PCHAR newbuf, ULONG confirmfsize); 
// Add wowfile to zipfile
// Notes: If zipfile doesn't exist then it is created
APIRET APIENTRY WowPackAddToZip(PCHAR zipfile, PCHAR wowfile); 
// Dump the listing of files stored inside zipfile to file in temp dir
// Returns: returns qty of file
APIRET APIENTRY WowPackDumpList(PCHAR zipfile, ULONG *num, PCHAR listfile);
// Query size of a file located inside zipfile
// Returns: returns size as ULONG in pflen
APIRET APIENTRY WowPackQuerySize(PCHAR zipfile, PCHAR fname, ULONG *pflen); 
// Remove temporary file
// Use this function to remove files generated by WowPack
APIRET APIENTRY WowPackRemoveTempFile(PCHAR tempfile);
// Query Temp directory
// Create files for WowPackAddToZip() in the temp sub-directory
APIRET APIENTRY WowPackQueryTempDir(PCHAR tempdir);
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