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ECOXML library

Name Description Download
ECOXML.DLL Parse simple XML file eCo Software toolkit

The library is based on TinyXML

Parse simple XML files

void* APIENTRY XmlCreateXMLObject( void );
long  APIENTRY XmlReadXMLFile(char *FName, void *Object);
long  APIENTRY XmlWriteXMLFile(char *FName, void *Object);
void  APIENTRY XmlDestroyXMLObject(void *Object);
void* APIENTRY XmlGetXMLSubSection(void *Object, char *SectionName);
char* APIENTRY XmlGetXMLAttribute(void *Object, char *AttrName);
char* APIENTRY XmlGetXMLObjectName(void *Object);
void* APIENTRY XmlBeginEnumXMLTags(void *Object);
void  APIENTRY XmlEndEnumXMLTags(void *Enumerator);
void* APIENTRY XmlGetNextXMLTag(void *Enumerator);

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