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WarpIn software installer

Use WarpIn to deploy your application/driver.

The latest version - ftp


  • Нельзя использовать много точек в файлах .wpi - они не опознаются WPS как wpi.
  • Если программа большая, то можно выпускать небольшие обновления в виде отдельных .wpi-фикспаков. Пользователь легко накатывает фикспаки, но ленится устанавливать большие релизы.

When installing software:

  • To remove temporary files, never call remove * - you can remove files important for user.

WarpIn tutorials/presentations

  • Creating basic WarpIN packages (Michael Oehlhof, Team OS/2 Ruhr e.V., Developers Workshop 2008) (download, mirror)

WarpIN becomes more and more the de-facto standard installer for OS/2 and eComStation software packages. This session covers the features of the WarpIN compiler and the basic used-cases of WarpIN for every day use.

  • Advanced installation procedures (Christian Langanke, / Team OS/2 Ruhr e.V., Developers Workshop 2008) (download, mirror)

More complex requirements for installation require more sophisticated solutions in terms of installation procedures. See all the bells and whistles within the WarpIN package of the new GenMac V2.20, to accomplish the mission of maintaining GenMac installations. This session discusses also how WarpIN could be extended to match even more requirements.

WarpIn FAQ

Q: WarpIn: How to check that needed runtime is installed?

Add to .wpi REQUIRES=“package_id” Example:

REQUIRES="eCo Software\Runtime\Base\2008\03\02"

Q: When to pack my product to WarpIn?

  • If your program is stable and new version works for all users then distribute your program in .wpi format.
  • If every new version may bring incompatibility then distribute .zip,
  • Warpin may check the presence of runtimes needed.

Templates of WarpIn scripts

  • 1 package, Create 1 directory, install all files to this directory, create 1 object on desktop
  • .. create folder with objects
  • Install system utility
  • Install device driver
  • Install IO Proc
  • 3 packages, Create the directories, create folders, objects

Please share information with other developers how to:

  • Let's collect good examples of WarpIN scripts
  • How to install I/O Procs with WarpIN?
  • How to install fonts with WarpIN?
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