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SysInfo -- System information

The library is useful for configurators, system utilities, applications.

Name Description Download
esysinfo.dll eSysInfo - query system information eCo Software toolkit (h/lib)
eCo Software runtime (dll)

Function prototype

APIRET eSysInfo(ULONG QueryID, void *CopyResultsTo, ULONG StructureSize);

always call sizeof() as the third parameter, don't use constant value. System requirements:

  • eComStation operating system

eSysInfo collects information

OS information:

  • OS generarion: eComStation or IBM OS/2 Warp
  • OS version
  • NLV version
  • NeoWPS extender
  • date of OS installation


  • ACPI sub-system
  • APM supported sleep states


  • total physical memory


  • Screen width, height


  • bootable drive
  • name, size of harddisks


  • CPU ID
  • Quantity of processors
  • Motherboard manufacturer, model

sysinfo.dll should provide information for developers:

  • Motherboard information (BIOS)
  • ACPI info
  • Memory (free physical, virtual, OBJ_ANY)
  • Disk information (type, space), bootable disk (detect of harddisks, write: name, size)
  • Video mode information
  • Uptime

The library should use ACPI to query information from the computer.

CPU Information

Measuring CPU Usage (Written by Sergey Yevtushenko)


DosQuerySysInfo system function

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