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eCo Software runtime
eCo Software toolkit

Download eCo Software runtime

All libraries and extra PM control elements are distributed as eCo Software runtime:

Separate packages One big package
runtime (base): Download (2009/05/01) eCo Software runtime (All) (2009/05/03)
runtime (Win): Download (2009/09/11) NEW
runtime (WPS):
For eSchemes, Imagination, PCM, MySafe released before 2009/05: Download (2007/07/26)
New generation (for future versions): Download (2009/05/03)
runtime (Net): Download (2009/05/01)


  • Install in the order, one by one
  • To download .wpi file: keep Alt pressed, click the link to file
  • During installation: select (*) Unlock All to overwrite old runtime


  • (base): ecolange.dll, ecomedia.dll, ecoxml.dll, esysinfo.dll, sysglit.dll, wowpack.dll
  • (Win): aboutdlg.dll, calendar.dll, ecoclrwl.dll, ecofilm.dll, etoolbar.dll, hugelb.dll, merlinn.dll, progress.dll, urllink.dll, wc_image.dll
  • (WPS): WPFolderEx class
  • (Net): ecshttp.dll, gnuhlp.dll


  • You can use eCo Software runtime in commercial and free applications free of charge.
  • Limited warranty. The software is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind.
  • It is recommended to write in the documentation: “The program uses eCo Software runtime”
    • in readme → Contacts section
    • On the site of the product → in Contacts section
    • In the announcement of your program → in the end (where URL, etc is mentioned)



The eCoSoftware Promise

  • eCo Software runtime will always be free of charge, including enterprise releases and security updates.


  • ecolange.dll is used in many applications
  • progress.dll is used in: eSchemes, GNU, CD/DVD Toys.
  • WPFolderEx is used in: Imagination, eSchemes, PCM, MySafe.
  • wowpack.dll is used in: CRC.
  • ecshttp.dll is used in: USB Dock.
  • ecomedia.dll is used in: USB Dock, SunnyIcons/Piano, PCM/MySafe
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