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REXX (REstructured eXtended eXecutor) is an interpreted computer programming language which was developed at IBM. It is a structured high-level programming language which was designed to be both easy to learn and easy to read.

On-line books and tutorials

Debugging REXX scripts

Means of REXX debugging:

  • RxD - full-valued PM-debugger (review)
  • or use: TRACE, PMREXX and SAY

How to use REXX as internal script language of your program

  • This applications use REXX as own script language: InetPowerServer, sfppp
  • Example: Toolkit45 → SAMPLES\REXX\API\CALLREXX
  • REXX-ercising Your Applications - Part 1, Part 2

How to build a DLL in the C programming language containing functions that can be called from REXX?

REXX links

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