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Available databases

  • MySQL (it lacks visual constructor) + phpmyadmin (WEB based administrator tool for MySQL)
  • Lotus Approach is not available in the shops
  • 1.1.x - doesn't have Database
  • 2.0 - doesn't work
  • DBExpert – Sundial systems, not available
  • Postgres SQL (old versions, new experimental versions) + phpPgAdmin (WEB based administrator tool for PostgreSQL)
  • HSQLDB - Java based SQL database that can be run standalone or embedded into a Java application.




Q: How to setup MySQL?

A: a) readme.os2 → For new users, to create the initial databases.. b) start mysqld.exe

The information is provided by: Yuri Dario, J. W. Ulbts, Stanislav Radchenko

Q: How to create small database and calculate home expenses using rexx?

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