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1.1. Internet

1.2. Network

  • IFMON – better feedback on the network routes

2.1. Text files

3.1. Extended attributes (EA)

  • setln.cmd (included to jrescuer zip) - set .LONGNAME EA for all files in specifiled directory and subdirectories (keywords: rexx, ea, longname, subdirectories)

4.1. Operations with HTML

  • none

5.1. Calculators

6.1. Codepage converter

  • DC Pack
  • convert.cmd - CONVERT from or to ALT(CP866), WIN(CP1251), KOI-8R, MAC, ISO 8859-5, CYR

7.1. Check system

8.1. WPS operations

9.1. Encoders/decoders

10.1. Multimedia

  • play.cmd modified by: Marty Amodeo
  • convert TIF to EMS (EMS-message for mobile phones) – TIF2EMS.RAR (by Yuri Larin)
  • cd-encode.cmd – automatical multistream conversion of Audio CD to MP3 or OGG (by Yury Larin)

11.1. Math

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12.1. Time

  • TIMER - calls a command and displays the execution time, when the command has ended.

Collections of REXX scripts and libraries

Useful REXX libraries

  • rexxutil – Unicode and I18N library for REXX
  • REXXWeb – REXXWeb provides additional REXX functions for CGI scripts. It handles form processing (GET and POST methods) with data validation, supports file uploads, sending e-mail and attachments via SMTP, checking and retrieving POP3 mail, getting documents via HTTP, building simple PDF documents and a range of useful date, file and string functions. Perform warm PC Reboot and call NTP servers. There is also a basic text to PDF scripting function and http cookie functions.
  • RXSem - provides your REXX scripts with access to the OS/2 semaphore APIs
  • Rexxuni - operations with unicode
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