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Preview in ..

wpFolderEx: Define new class, inherit from existing. Add such methods: ..

WM_PAINT: → wpPreviewPaint

PreviewWindowPcor – catch mouse events, etc.

Use for simple preview, don't integrate large, full-valued viewers; Example: docs, info about system files, ..

interface WPPDFNew : WPPDF
  ULONG wpPreviewInit(in HWND hwndPreviewClient, out PVOID pUserInfo);
  ULONG wpPreviewUnInit(in HWND hwndPreviewClient, in PVOID pUserInfo);
  ULONG wpPreviewPaint(in HWND hwndPreviewClient, in PVOID pUserInfo);
  ULONG wpPreviewWindowProc(in HWND hwndPreviewClient, ..);
  ULONG wpPreviewUpdate();


  • Imagination toolkit
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