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DevCon: Frequently asked questions

Q1: Why DevCon is created today, not in 2001?

A1: This is a mistake of eComStation team

Q2: There is EDM2 already. Why create new DevCon?

A2: EDM/2 is a stack of articles, eCo Software Developers Connection = Portal + reference books + FAQs

Q3: Why no Java info?

A3: eComStation is equipped with Java 1.4.x The market makes the developers use 1.5 or 1.6

Q4: Why invent the wheel? It's necessary promote multi-platform toolkits

A4: Multi-platform toolits are good for some users, for some developers. It's necessary port the toolkits. Promote them.

In general, multi-platform toolkits give ~0 profit for the operating system. eComStation has own API, 99% of apps are native. The toolkits can't make new users stay in eComStation. Don't work as hook.

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