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What is User Interface?

It's aggregate of means by which people interact with programs and desktop.

The user interface provides means of:

  • Input, allowing the users to manipulate the programs
  • Output, allowing the system to produce the effects of the users' manipulation.


Why eComStation UI is different?

eComStation already has good UI:

  • Responsiveness + as intuitive as possible
  • Good documented UI (API)

There are some differencies:

  • Merlin notebook
  • Apply, [x], Undo
  • Major part of graphical applications imply the usage of drag&drop

Desktop – The uniform behavior of all objects of the WPS

  • Templates
  • Work Area
  • Font, color palettes

Why spend time to UI improvement?


  • Stimulate the development of new, more advanced applications

moreover, useful for

  • System utilities and small applications
  • Update existing software
  • Reduce the cost of development, unify the controls
  • Attract new users
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