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eCenter is a part of eWorkPlace.

All system indicators should be placed on eCenter. Follow this approach:

Важность виджетов

Если есть полезные виджеты, то юзер начинает ощущать комфорт

Which applications may be implemented as widgets?

  • System indicators – If user wants view information urgently
  • Small databases – If user wants input data suddenly

Please pay attention to SysTray widget

If you think that the development of widget is a wrong approach but you want show an icon for user then pay attention to SysTray widget.

System tray is a bar with icons added by the thrid-party applications via SysTray API. Applications will get the messages from user actions on the tray icons. widget Homepage

Use SysTray toolkit to add the icon the the tray.

Disadvantages: user should install SysTray widget in advance.


How to develop good widget for eCenter?

Every widget should:

  • Every widget should have icon on the left, text on the right (optional). So user can find the indicator without efforts.
    • ”+” icon works as a divider
  • Please use font for widget:
    • widget window: 9.WarpSans.Bold,
    • setup window: 9.WarpSans.
  • Setup dialog: Follow the recommendations how to create setup dialog: changes are applied immediately and on the fly.
  • enable [x] button to accept the settings, don't use [Close] button in the bottom.
  • Colors (Background: -, Font color: -)
  • Left mouse button: open Popup menu with options related to the application.

If you want run a program then add an option to this menu. (Don't start programs/utils if user double clicks the widget)

  • Right mouse button: opens Popup menu with eCenter properties.
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