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The budget of DevCon is semi-transparent.

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Date Income Expenses
2009/09 - * Updated eCoRT, eToolkit several times; New PM-control: FOC; Updated DevCon several times; xio.dll
2009/01 Peter Long donated server to DevCon
2008/12 1 Developer, waiting.. eCo Software invested N USD into additional PM controls and libraries.
2008/11 - Updated DevCon for WSE2008
2008/03/08 Curtis, - 1 workgroup, WPS enhancements Updated DevCon for DWS2008
2007/12/06 Sponsor, 1 developer MsgBox; Maintenance of SVN; New PM-controls: WC_IMAGE, Toolbar; Demo 32-bit driver
2007/11/07 Daniel (USA), 1 workgroup audio codecs
2007/11/03 Thomas M., 1 developer new PM controls, WPS links
2007/09 Sponsor, (Swedish), 1 workgroup
2007/08 eCo Software invested N USD into PM controls: Calendar, Progress-bar; Libraries: ecomedia
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