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How to design PM application

Title of the application

The title should contain the name of application (name of operation), name of loaded document.

Avoid flickering

Picture viewers, PM applications should avoid flickering.

  • Don't erase background before drawing
  • Generate bitmaps in buffer

Position load/save

windows position load/save (relates to windows, settings notebooks)

Save, x,y, width, height, + flag, does window fit into the desktop square? After load of x,y, width, height, check the dimensions of screen, does window fit into the window? if user changed screen resolution then use initial window position and size.

Size of Main window

Automatical saving of documents

It is recommended to design the applications so no need to press Save button.

“The whole idea of pressing the “save” button on a site or app to lock in your updates is old-fashioned. It also exposes users to data loss from system or connection bugs. Google Docs saves as you type, making it superior to Microsoft Office. Quicken (the software version) saves each transaction as you go. Note-taking apps OneNote and Evernote don't have save buttons because they don't need them (although in a UI flaw, the Web version of Evernote does).

When systems are built correctly, everything you do can be undone and rolled back, and there should be no need for a save button per se (although many apps will still need a way to milepost versions of files). ”

(q) Rafe Needleman, source:

When to use pictures in your applications

no recommendations

Shutdown event, Suspend/resume event

Suspend/resume: The applications are frozen and don't receive notifications. Nevertheless, every program may request APM notification via semaphores.


  • VIO applications: SIG_BREAK
  • PM applications: WM_EXIT message

Exit confirmation

If application is a viewer then no need to confirm exit. If it's an editor of user's data then show MsgBox: Are you sure? Quit, Cancel.

Hot keys


  • Ctrl-F - Find
  • Ctrl-N – no matter which program, it should: create new playlist, in addressbok a new address template, in editor - new window
  • Ctrl-O – Open FileOpenDialog to load file
  • Ctrl-S – Save current document
  • Ctrl-P – Print dialog

Settings notebook

There is Merlin notebook in eComStation. Please use this control, don't use other forms.



Please share information with other developers how to:

  • Q: Criteria when to use Status line?
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